Residential electrical services

ElecTriLight takes care of most forms of residential wiring and connections. From light switches to main service panels and everything in between, for both single and multi-family complexes.

Examples of our services include:

  • New homes, renovations, additions, basements, removals, upgrades, aluminum-wiring upgrades and maintenance
  • Service entrances, sub-panel upgrades, additions and/or repairs
  • Pool, sauna, hot tub installations, EV chargers
  • ESA permits obtained and only CSA or equivalently approved equipment is used on every project

Have you ever wondered what most of the breakers in your panel do? Not sure how to figure out what controls what, without plugging your radio into every outlet?

We’ll organize your home panel and breakers, so you know what circuit breaker controls which room. Mystery – and frustrations – solved! Faulty breakers? We’ll test and find the overloads causing problems!