ElecTriLight ­– ESA-certified electricians in Oakville, ON

ESA PERMITS? What’s all the fuss about?

The rules and regulations in Ontario are superior to most other provinces thanks to the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority), our local governing body. The ESA is responsible for regulating the safe use of electricity and equipment in Ontario. It grants licenses to qualifying electrical contracting companies, relevant permits for projects and carries out inspections to ensure the work completed meets the necessary requirements.

Despite the ESA, there are a number of non-licensed companies and individuals who carry out electrical work. While DIY and handymen can be great quick-fix helpers, they are not – for the most part – licensed to install electrical systems, and this is where it can get very dangerous.

The hiring of non-registered companies could result in faulty wiring, electrical hazards and even fires. Furthermore, these companies or individuals may not have adequate insurance if something goes wrong, so it’s a big risk to take.Properly licensed and insured companies such as ElecTriLight will provide documents, for example, license copies, certificates and insurance papers. They will also request the appropriate permits from the ESA. While “pulling permits” means some additional fees, it also means far greater peace of mind for you.